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Tinnitus is a disease that causes hearing loss and hearing impairment. According to recent studies, one in six Americans has hearing loss, which is a matter of great concern. Tinnitus is a condition where a person goes through dizziness, nausea, mood swings, depression, headache, or migraine – it feels like a hammer hitting the brain.

It is not always caused by outside noise but due to lifestyle and brain stress, which leads to increased pressure in the brain. The repercussions are catastrophic. This pain makes one’s life uncomfortable, and with lack of proper sleep, everyday life gets affected.

What is Sonavel?

Sonavel is a brain and hearing supplement sold online through Sonavel.com. The supplement claims to use high-quality ingredients to support detoxification, helping to maintain your brain and hearing health.

Priced at $69 per bottle, Sonavel is exclusively available to order through Sonavel.com. Each bottle contains 60 capsules (30 servings). According to the official website, just take one or two capsules of Sonavel per day and then enjoy powerful brain and hearing benefits.

Who Made Sonavel?

Sonavel was created by a company that does business under the same name. That company manufactures Sonavel in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. They also claim to use fresh ingredients. Although the company is registered in St. Petersburg, Florida, it’s unclear if Sonavel is made at that address or elsewhere.

The company does not claim to test its supplements in labs, verify its information with medical professionals, or consult with audiologists or neurologists to create its formula.

You can contact the makers of Sonavel through the following methods:

Email: support@sonavel.com
Email Form: https://sonavel.com/pages/contact/
Mailing Address: 4604 49th Street N #67, St Petersburg, FL 33709

What makes Sonavel so powerful?

According to the manufacturer, Sonavel works in a few different ways to help support hearing:

Sonavel reduces inflammation in the brain and ears: Inflammation in the brain and ears can cause tinnitus to develop, which is the constant feeling of “ringing” in the ears. This is a clear sign of damaged ears and impacts your day to day to life. Sonavel helps to eliminate the inflammation that causes tinnitus so you can get rid of the ringing and hear better.

Sonavel helps repair damaged tissues: Earphones can be damaged by headphones, improperly cleaning the ears, or exposure to sudden loud noises. This damage, when unchecked, can continually get worse over time. Sonavel contains several healing herbal extracts that help improve your body’s ability to regenerate healthy tissue and repair the damaged ear tissue. This can improve hearing over time.

Improves blood flow to brain and ears: For Sonavel to repair damaged ear tissue, there needs to be adequate blood flow throughout your body. Thankfully, Sonavel contains several different vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts known to support healthy circulation so that nutrients can reach your ears and repair the damaged tissue.

Benefits of Using Sonavel

100% organic and natural – Sonavel is 100% natural with eight natural ingredients, which are organic and improve the body’s overall health.
Normal hearing – The supplement increases the hearing capacity and hearing ability by regrowing hair cells in the ear, decreasing noise.
Revitalize brain – The product not only helps the brain to recover but helps to remember things as well. The product has cured Amnesia, dementia, and Alzheimers.
Rejuvenates body – Sonavel rejuvenates the body by releasing toxins, and it helps to repair the damage caused by tinnitus.
Active mind – The natural ingredients in the body level up the energy and help achieve clear thinking and an active mind.
Repairs body – The natural organic ingredients act as a shield and repair the DNA by improving the liver and maintaining sugar levels to prevent any infections.
Proper sleep – The trouble with sleep is because of insomnia, and the supplement helps in proper sleep with no sound. It clears the mind to focus more.
Prevents inflammation – The supplement eases inflammation and irritation in the ears. It works as soon as the person consumes the supplement.

How Does Sonavel Work?

Sonavel Supplement ingredients are perfectly dosed to restore brain interconnections and reduce inflammation of the central nervous system and auditory system. Initial inflammation and synaptic disruptions of nerve cells are what causes tinnitus. People report feeling a slight but persistent whistle throughout the day; it can become stormy at night. This fantastic product will help reduce the degree of inflammation progressively. For this reason, it is that users report that they recover their hearing little by little until they can hear perfectly without discomfort.

After the cerebral connections are established, the next step is the repairing of the hearing system tissue. These tissues have suffered damage over time due to exposure to loud noises, hearing aids, hearing cleanings with rudeness, or simply by the degenerative age changes. Thanks to the active ingredients in Sonavel Supplement, it is possible for these tissues to regenerate, which provide better hearing in the short term. Due to the restoration of the blood supply to the organs, all tissues begin to receive a more significant influx of nutrients through the blood, including the appropriate doses to repair the affected tissue. Sonavel Supplement is a product that benefits your circulatory system, which is the main route through which vitamins and minerals travel that act for the maintenance of living organs and tissues.

What Are The Ingredients In Sonavel Supplement?

In this Sonavel Supplement review, we present the supplement facts. The number of capsules in each Sonavel Supplement container appears, servings per container: 30 and serving size: 2 capsules daily. They also describe the ingredients and their dosages for each supplement capsule. Sonavel Supplement is characterized by being composed mainly of natural products such as some herbs, which are processed to obtain an extract and eliminate toxins and unwanted substances. Some components of certain herbs are usually toxic to the body. After this purification, a compendium of micronutrients such as vitamins and mineral compounds, essential for organic functions, are mixed.

Sonavel ingredients were previously tested to verify that together they provide effects on the functions of the nervous system and the auditory apparatus. Many natural ingredients are sourced from particular and unique places. They don’t naturally grow anywhere, making this supplement one of a kind.

Sonavel ingredients are:

Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 (1.2 mg).

Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine (1.7mg).

Vitamin B or Folate (800mcg).

Magnesium (200 mg).

Potassium (200 mg).

Hibiscus flower (350 mg).

Garlic Bulb Extract (200 mg).

Hawthorn Berry (200 mg).

Rosemary (140 mg).

Riboflavin Or Vitamin B2 (1.2 Mg)

Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 contributes to maintaining a controlled energy metabolism (a set of chemical reactions in cells and allowing them to have the energy they need to function). Since cells provide an ideal function of this system, it also helps maintain red blood cells in normal conditions, transporting oxygen to the tissues to blood supply suits. It intervenes in the lining of the mucous membranes, supports the maintenance of the skin and vision. Vitamin B2 also regulates iron metabolism, reduces fatigue and exhaustion, and provides a protective function against oxidative stress cells. All of these functions are necessary to establish a stable and optimal nerve communication network. In this case, the electrical and molecular parts of the brain precede the rest of the organic functions, including the hearing process.

Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine (1.7mg)

Vitamin B6 is involved in the metabolism of glycogen and helps to maintain normal energy metabolism. It also plays an essential role in forming neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and GABA. In other words, vitamin B6 is vital for the nervous system, contributing to neurotransmission. This vitamin can, in turn, improve the quality of life by keeping the immune system strong and healthy. It provides essential functions in hormonal and water regulation. Its presence is vital for the physiological formation of red blood cells that transport oxygen to the central nervous system. It is also helpful for the synthesis of carnitine, essential in converting fat into energy for the body in general.

Vitamin B or Folate (800mcg)

The functions of folates include:

The metabolism of specific amino acids.

The synthesis of proteins.

S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe).

Purines and pyrimidines.

It transforms carbohydrates into energy.

It helps produce DNA, the fundamental pillar of the human body, which carries genetic information that establishes the cellular functionalism of all organic systems. Including the nervous system, folates show cellular patterns to develop the correct cells functionalism.

On the other hand, folic acid is necessary for the production of blood cells. Allows proper cell division and is capable of stimulating the activity of the immune system; (white blood cells and antibodies). Besides, it maintains the wall of the arteries in good condition, helps reduce the risk of obstruction, and contributes to an ideal blood supply to the target organs, specifically the brain.

Magnesium (200 mg)

Magnesium plays a vital role in coenzymes and a stabilizer of DNA and RNA and the formation of neurotransmitters and neuromodulators. A correct level of magnesium in the body improves the stability of the nervous system. It may be suitable for the treatment of some central nervous system disorders and even depression. Various clinical trials have shown that the lack of this mineral in the body can cause imbalances of dopamine and serotonin, two essential elements for certain organic functions. Therefore, a lack of magnesium can cause neurological symptoms such as apathy, irritability, mood disorders, and concentration and memory problems.

Potassium (200 mg)

The cells that make up the nervous system, or neurons, are cells specialized in receiving and sending signals. They have multiple processes through which these signals enter and leave. Thus, potassium acts as an electric charge moving through the cell, generating some changes in the voltage and current of the axons that produce essential functions that balance the nervous system to a completely basal state.

The fluid in your inner ear is responsible for activating the hair cells of the inner ear that send impulses to the brain about what you hear to recognize sounds. It is also a mineral that is key to regulating the amount of fluid in the body’s tissues and blood because there is fluid in the inner ear. Potassium is essential for your hearing since the amount of potassium in our bodies tends to decrease as we age naturally. It is an excellent idea to serve the ears some foods rich in potassium to support hearing.

Hibiscus Flower (350 Mg)

The Hibiscus flower, also called the Jamaica flower, is native to America and Africa. It stands out for its striking red colour, and after collecting and drying it, infusions and medicinal extracts are made. This plant has an antioxidant effect. It has high citric acid and ascorbic acid amounts, two powerful antioxidants that help us protect cells from the impact of free radicals. These radicals cause premature aging of nerve cells. It also regulates circulation because of its high flavonoid content; it helps us reduce pressure and improve blood circulation, keeping the organs more perfused with O2.

Garlic Bulb Extract (200 mg)

The garlic bulb contains antioxidants that can help prevent neurodegenerative diseases. Oxidation caused by free radicals contributes to the cellular aging process. The garlic bulb contains antioxidants that support the body’s protective mechanisms against the oxidation of cells, including those of the nervous system. High doses of garlic bulb supplements have increased human antioxidant enzymes and significantly reduce oxidative stress in people with cardiovascular disease.

The combined cholesterol and blood pressure lowering effects and antioxidant properties can help prevent specific brain and neurodegenerative diseases. This extract contains antioxidants that protect against cell damage and aging. It can reduce the risk of long-term memory and cognitive impairment.

Hawthorn Berry (200 mg)

These berries are full of unsaturated fatty acids essential for the body, including omega 3, omega 6, omega nine, and omega 7. Often unknown, omega 7 is very difficult to find. Furthermore, sea buckthorn berries are one of the rarely known sources of omega 7. In addition to this unprecedented supply of omega 7 fatty acids; sea buckthorn berries are also an excellent source of vitamins, including vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, of phytosterols, flavonoids, carotenoids, as well as trace elements such as iron, phosphorus or even magnesium. This exceptional composition is the cause of the success of sea buckthorn berries. Also, scientific studies have confirmed Hawthorn Berry confers an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, cytoprotective, immunomodulatory, hepatoprotective, retinoprotective, radioprotective, antiatherogenic activity, as well as an antistress and antimicrobial action.

Rosemary (140 mg)

Some research affirms that ingesting rosemary extract can increase our memory capacity up to 15% thanks to eucalyptol elements. An element that works as an antioxidant and can reduce inflammation in the nervous system caused by aging. As if that were not enough, the consumption of rosemary extract increases urine production. It has a diuretic effect and, as a result, helps to eliminate all the harmful toxins that our body retains. It also produces a stimulating effect on cognitive functions. This effect may be since the active principles of rosemary act against free radicals that attack neurons. According to Dr. Yoshiko Atsumi of Meikai University in Japan, they also lower stress hormones like cortisol, which helps you reduce anxiety and stay calm in the process of improving your hearing loss.

Some associations that support research on hearing show that vitamins and some micronutrients such as magnesium could help with noise-induced hearing loss and age. It could be due to their antioxidant cellular properties, fight, prevent inflammatory events from their start, and eliminate free radicals. Experts add that people who eat a diet low in folic acid hear worse. And since our body does not synthesize vitamin B, it is necessary to include it in the diet.

Besides, fatty acids also affect hearing aging. Therefore, the consumption of both components, which reduce oxidative stress, helps prevent age-dependent hearing loss. Many researchers refer that hearing loss due to aging is related to both a lack of vitamin B and fatty acids. It is also known that people who suffer from circulatory system pathologies suffer more hearing loss. Mainly because they directly damage the structure of the blood vessels, affecting the inner ear or the auditory pathway.

Scientific Evidence for Sonavel

Science tells us that some natural ingredients can support brain health and hearing. If you don’t get enough vitamins and minerals, for example, then this vitamin and mineral deficiency can impact your hearing over a long period of time. However, few studies have shown that natural ingredients can actually improve your hearing or fix cognitive issues. If you already have cognitive issues or hearing loss, then a supplement is unlikely to fix those issues.

Sonavel has a small references page highlighting research on individual ingredients within the formula. However, the company has not conducted any specific clinical trials to prove its formula supports hearing, improves hearing, or reverses symptoms of hearing loss.

According to The Hearing Center, certain vitamins are crucial for noise-induced hearing loss. Supplementing your diet with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and magnesium could help your body fight noise-induced hearing loss. These ingredients work by fighting inflammation and neutralizing free radicals, supporting healthy inflammation throughout your ears and making it easier for you to hear things. Sonavel does not contain vitamin A, vitamin C, or vitamin E, although it does contain a small dose (4% DV) of magnesium.

Other vitamins could also play a role in hearing. In this study, researchers found that 43% of tinnitus sufferers were deficient in vitamin B12. If you aren’t getting enough vitamin B12 in your diet, you could be more likely to suffer from tinnitus. Similarly, this follow-up study found that vitamin B12 supplementation led to a reduction in tinnitus symptoms. If you have a ringing in your ears or other tinnitus symptoms, then a vitamin B12 supplement could help. Although Sonavel does not contain vitamin B12, you can find other vitamin B12 supplements online.

In this 1999 study, researchers found that a combination of folate and vitamin B12 could help with age-related hearing loss in elderly patients. Like the study above, researchers found that many older patients with hearing loss had vitamin B12 deficiency. Although Sonavel does not contain vitamin B12, it does contain folate.

There’s some small evidence showing that hibiscus could help with tinnitus. As the British Tinnitus Association explains, some tinnitus sufferers take hibiscus tea or hibiscus supplements daily to stop the ringing in their ears. Although no research has backed up this effect, other research shows hibiscus has relaxing properties, helping your body physically and mentally relax. It’s possible this relaxation effect could help with tinnitus.

Some people put garlic in their ears to help with hearing loss, ear infections, and other issues. However, few studies are showing that taking garlic or garlic bulb orally can improve your hearing. Nevertheless, some studies have found that garlic oil ear drops can be a natural remedy for ear issues, ear infections, and tinnitus. You can buy garlic oil drops from many health food stores. Garlic oil works because it has antimicrobial activity, which could help clear up the external ear canal and chronic middle ear infections, according to one 2019 study.

Overall, there’s limited evidence proving that the ingredients in Sonavel improve hearing or brain health. However, some of the ingredients in Sonavel could provide mild support for tinnitus and age-related hearing loss.

What is the recommended dosage of Sonavel Supplement?

To get the best results of Sonavel supplement, it is highly recommended to consume it every day without fail.

Every bottle of Sonavel comes with 60 dietary capsules. All you have to do is consume 2 pills of Sonavel every day, once a day.

You must consume it 20-30 minutes before a meal with 8oz of water.

It is recommended to continue consuming the Sonavel formula for at least 3-6 months for the best results for a lifetime.

Although, if you are pregnant, a nursing mother, or are undergoing medical treatment, or are suffering from a chronic disease, Sonavel is highly recommended to consult a physician before you begin with the consumption.

How Long Does It Take To See The Results?

Generally, the effects can take their time to appear since reestablishing the connections of the nervous system and repairing the damaged tissue of the hearing system is a progressive process. Most of the users report that they begin to experience results after two weeks using Sonavel Supplement. At the same time, others may wait up to 2 months taking the supplement to experiment with changes in their hearing. You need to be aware that results vary from person to person to avoid disappointment and stop treatment. Most users report that the earliest changes are the progressive decrease in tinnitus.

Sonavel Supplement helps you get rid of the annoying noises that live in your head. Doctors generally tell patients to get used to living with tinnitus. This supplement enables you to solve the problem from its primary source so that you can enjoy a more optimal hearing in a short time. The vast majority of users of this supplement have reported hearing loss due to aging, poor nutritional status, exposure to thunderous noises, some traumatic episodes of the hearing system, and even adverse effects of some medications. These events lead to nutrient deficiencies, interruptions in neurological transmissions, and decreased hearing capacity and tinnitus. That is why Sonavel ingredients are intended to treat all the causes that originate the problem.

Suppose you feel exhausted, old, depressed, isolated by the gradual loss of your hearing (we completely understand you). If this issue negatively affected your life, let me tell you that you have nothing to lose. Try to use this natural supplement without any risk, and you could be surprised by the number of benefits you could discover. It is an excellent time to change and improve yourself and take control of your life. I am going to ask you a question: What are you waiting for? Order now this marvelous Sonavel Supplement, and your life could change in a while!

Sonavel Side Effects

Until now, no significant side effects have been reported under the administration of Sonavel Supplement. Its use is reliable and highly safe initially because it is structured by macronutrients that are generally found in food, supplements and necessary for the proper functioning of the organism. The compounds in Sonavel Supplement are safe and do not pose a potential health risk. They are not pre-manufactured chemicals. In the past, many people used Sonavel and reported the absence of side effects during and after having taken the product for months.

On the contrary, many refer to greater vitality and well-being. Some have decided to keep it as a nutritional supplement for a more extended period consumers had initially programmed.

The Sonavel Supplement formula is designed for over 18 years old. Those who have completed their development in an ideal time. Also, for the group of older adults who have begun to feel decreased hearing acuity over the years. And some other associated auditory symptoms such as persistent tinnitus. Like many drugs and supplements, Sonavel Supplement is not suitable for pregnant women or lactating people. Because the constant influx of nutrients could generate changes during the process, these groups are still under investigation.

Suppose you are concerned about taking Sonavel supplement for any reason, such as a pre-existing pathology that you have. In that case, it is always prudent to receive a guide from your professional doctor to confirm the safety of taking Sonavel Supplement. In general, if you are an adult without special health conditions, you will not have problems taking this incredible supplement since Sonavel ingredients are entirely natural. Our body is used to interacting with them frequently.

Sonavel Pros & Cons

Based on customer reviews and journal publications, I will present to you the merits and demerits of this supplement from an independent standpoint.

Sonavel plays a vital role in discarding the bacteria from your ear and making it infectious-free.
It makes the blood flow better and helps supply healthy or nutrient-rich blood to your brain and the auditory cells.
It fights with tinnitus and makes your cognitive abilities better.
Sonavel fights with all the germs and negativities of your body and makes your brain feel relax and stress-free.
It promotes and revitalizes the growth of auditory cells.
It stops the excess mucus accumulation.
Other than the nervous system, it also boosts the immune system and stimulates biochemical reactions.
Sonavel promotes healthy skin, lessens pulse, further develops cholesterol levels, and diminishes aggravation.
Sonavel further develops discourse insight capacity.
Sonavel lessens the difficult wax in your ears.
100% Organic, non -GMO and allergen-free.
60 days money back guarantee.
Have no supplies in offline stores (beware of fraud if you see anybody selling with the same label).
It has to be kept dry and spill no water inside the bottle, which might cause to diminish its nutritional properties.
More costly than other oral supplements.

About Sonavel Supplement Costs And Pricing

Sonavel Supplement is sold through its official website. From your first order, you will begin to walk the path to balance your brain connections, restore your hearing entirely and eliminate that annoying noise permanently. If you want to improve your lifestyle, your mood, and your social relationships, risk being happy and order Sonavel Supplement as soon as possible. On the official website of Sonavel Supplement, you can find the following options about pricing:

One bottle: $69 + Shipping
Three bottles: $177 ($ 59 each bottle)
Six bottles: $294 ($ 49 each bottle)

Refund policy and money-back guarantee

Sonavel offers a sixty days money-back guarantee. The refund is still valid even with the empty bottle. Customers can connect with the customer care department through the official website for any assistance.

Customer Testimonials

Derek ~ I am in my mid-forties, and I have been dealing with hearing loss and hearing impairment for quite some time now. The worst part was spending extra money on all the hearing aids, meditation, therapies, but none worked well. I was losing my confidence, and it affected my personal life and job. A friend recommended Sonavel. After using it, my life changed completely. I bought 90 pills bottle, and after consuming it, I could feel the difference in my ears. I could hear properly, and the pain and damage in my ears was gone. The product also helped in my migraine and mood swings. It works.

James ~ I am 30 years old and I have been dealing with hearing impairment for a long time, I found out it was tinnitus. I have gone through a number of treatments, but they did not work as much. My family and friends used to speak loudly so that I could hear them. I felt helpless, which led to stress. My good friend helped me with Sonavel, I had no idea about how good the product is, until I tried it myself. Not only did I hear properly, but my stress was gone. With its eight natural ingredients, the product helps in the overall function of the body and restores the body cells. I have finally found a cure.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is Sonavel safe to use?
Sonavel is a natural supplement with eight organic ingredients from around the world. It is safe to consume, and there has been no single complaint with more than 50,000 satisfied customers.

Q. Are there any added costs?
No, the product has no added costs, and there are no subscription costs. Price is mentioned on the bottles with no extra charges.

Q. Is there any reaction to the supplement?
Since the product is formulated using organic ingredients, there are no allergic reactions. The product is natural, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Q. How long does it take for the shipment to be delivered?
The product is shipped directly through FedEx. It takes five to seven days for shipment in the US or Canada. International order may take eight to fifteen days, including customs duties.

Q. Does one need a doctor’s prescription to consume Sonavel?
No, a doctor’s prescription is not needed to purchase or consume Sonavel, but pregnant women or anybody on medication should consult the doctor before consuming Sonavel.

Q. What is the right dosage to be taken?
The supplements should be consumed twice a day – two capsules per day, one in the morning, then 1 in the evening with half a glass of water. It is advisable to consume the supplements regularly.

Q. How soon can the effects of this supplement be seen?
Sonavel is a natural product and is the cure for tinnitus. The product’s natural healing properties show quick results in forty-eight hours. One may feel a slight change in the body, but there are no side effects and health issues. It is advisable not to miss any dose.

Q. Can this supplement replace regular medications?
Sonavel supports hearing by increasing the capacity to hear, and it regrows hair cells naturally in the ears. Since a doctor’s prescription is not required, it is advisable for pregnant women and people with medications to consult a doctor before any changes.

Q. Is there any age limit to consume the supplements?
No, Sonavel is for both men and women in their 30s, 50s, or 70s. It is made with a natural formula that is quick and easy to use for the age group above 18.

Q. What precautions should be taken while using Sonavel?
Sonavel relaxes the mind and helps to enhance brain health. One should avoid using earplugs. It is essential to maintain a proper diet and drink enough water to keep the body hydrated. The supplement should be consumed as advised and keep the product away from children below 18 years old.

Final Word

Sonavel is a nutritional supplement that claims to support hearing, brain health, blood sugar, and overall health and wellness.

There verdict is still up in the air on if Sonavel works as advertised. But the supplement does contains an unusual blend of herbal and plant extracts mixed with doses of vitamins and minerals, so it’s definitely possible these ingredients could support hearing and brain health.

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