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Ears are the most sensory organs for us. The hearing loss is a serious disorder that affects the life of most of the people. It gives you painful symptoms that makes you stressed and irritates you. When the problem becomes serious it may also lead to deafness that affects your life and make you rely on the hearing aid, painful surgery and medications. You might have tried for lot of supplements to solve this ear issues and got frustrated without achieving proper results. In such case, this review about the SharpEar supplement might help you to overcome the hearing problem.

Due to all kinds of noise pollution and other factors, many people tend to lose their hearing very soon. Some of them have ear infections constantly due to allergies and other medical conditions.

The need to take proper care of ears becomes a necessity. SharpEar capsules help to better your hearing as well as take overall care of your ear’s health.

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What is SharpEar Supplement?

SharpEar is an hearing supplement to improve your ear health and optimal auditory nerve function formulated by Sam Olsen. SharpEar supplements are formulated exclusively for your ear’s health and wellbeing. With natural ingredients that are grown without any kinds of pesticides, this supplement helps you better your hearing as you grow old.

There are chances for you to lose hearing or your hearing perception to lower down due to your means of occupation.

Sometimes due to usage of headphones or listening to music at a higher volume for a prolonged period can also cause partial or complete hearing loss.

SharpEar supplement works to bring back your hearing capacity by protecting your ears from any kinds of damage as well as nourishing their cells.

The ingredients are combined and SharpEar supplement is manufactured with the main focus to nourish your ears and improve your hearing ability.

It is manufactured in an FDA approved, and GMP certified facility. The machinery is continuously and regularly sterilized and cleaned.

They are non-GMO and safe as well as free from any harmful toxins or chemicals. As to keep them 100% effective each capsule is made with the same amount of properties and no compromise has been made on the quality of SharpEar supplement.

It is designed so that the blood flow reaches smoothly to your ears. It also supports the betterment of other organs as well as your overall health. With the effect it has on your brain cell, it helps to make your ear’s perception effective.

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Ingredients of SharpEar Supplement

The founder of SharpEar was very much concerned about the ingredients. He was adamant that they should be 100% natural and that they are produced without the influence of any pesticides or herbicides.

Ginkgo Biloba – This ingredient is packed with antioxidants and other nutrients. It also helps treat inflammation as well as reduces anxiety. It has properties in it that help improve brain functioning. The highlight of this ingredient is that it is used in treating hearing loss as well as tinnitus.

St John’s Wort flower head – It helps to boost mood and elevate from a depressed state. It helps to enhance the brain functions especially that of boosting serotonin. As it boosts the brain, it also has a great influence on improving the sound perception by our brain.

Vinpocetine seeds – It helps the blood flow to the brain in a healthy way, thus making sure to protect the blood cells. It has properties that assist in treating ear inflammation. It also functions to protect the inner ears.

Huperzine-A aerial plant – This ingredient has the properties that help to protect your ear nerves as well as keep the hair cells in the best shape. They also help treat age-related cognitive impairment.

L-Glutamine – This ingredient helps in improving the immune system. It also works to reduce stress thus helping your brain function healthier.

Passion Flower – This ingredient helps in relieving you of pain. Especially your infections related to ears can be healed with the extracts from the passionflower. It also works well for people with an anxiety disorder.

Corydalis – Your physique can be affected due to the emotional stress you experience. Your internal system is interconnected with your mental health. Hence having excessive stress or anxiety can lead to damages to your nerves. These include nerves near your ears or those that connect between your brain and ears. Thus with the help of Corydalis, you can get rid of stress or reduce it and so protect any damages to your nerves.

Prickly Pear – Ears are an organ that is prone to bacteria easily. It is vulnerable and exposed to infections. Especially if you are someone with allergies, there is a higher chance for you to be affected by infections and bacteria in your ears. This ingredient has anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Hence it acts as a barrier between your ears and any kind of bacteria or inflammation.

All the ingredients are manufactured in a 100% sterile FDA approved facility after rigorous testing. They are free of any kinds of allergens and are vegan friendly.

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How does SharpEar benefit you?

The highlight of SharpEar is that it is natural and organic. From the raw ingredients used to manufacture SharpEar Reviews supplement, to the final pill, the process is entirely taken in a safe, clean, and sterile facility.

There are no harmful toxins or stimulants used in making SharpEar.

Improves the blood flow to your brain. This helps better the functioning of the brain as well as reduce stress thus helping you protect your hearing.

It also protects your hair cells, especially in regards to your inner ear. SharpEar protects your inner ear from any kind of damage as it restores the connection between your brain cells and inner ears.

It exclusively betters your hearing and overall health of your ears and at the same time influences your entire health. It also enhances your eyesight as well as boosts your mood.

With ingredients that help increase serotonin, it also helps you get out of any depressed state. You also start feeling more relaxed and composed.

It is packed with all good nutrients that enrich your overall well-being. As the ingredients are either plants or plant extracts, it is nutritious and protects you from any kinds of toxins.

You can say goodbye to any kind of ear infections or inflammations. With SharpEar properties that include anti-inflammation, your ears won’t have any problem related to painful infections.

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How to use Sharp Ear capsules?

The recommended dosage is one supplement in the morning before breakfast. You can take a SharpEar pill with one glass of water. Do not overdose for faster results, as you may end up with serious health issues.

As mentioned in SharpEar reviews, It is best to stick to the recommended dosage. If you have any medical condition persisting, it is best to consult a doctor before consuming ShapEar supplements.

Pregnant and lactating mothers are advised not to take the SharpEar pills without a prescription. It is best for individuals below 18 years, not to consume SharpEar pill.

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Possible side effects of SharpEar Supplement

As per SharpEar supplement reviews, there are no side effects as it is completely natural and no stimulants are used. Neither are the raw ingredients made from any synthetics or by using herbicides, hence it is healthier.

They do not use any toxins or harmful ingredients and so there is no chance for you to have any adverse reaction because of SharpEar.

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How to use the dosage?

As per the manufacturer site, it is preferred to take 1 dose per day with the glass of water on regular basis for at least 90 days. This might help you to overcome the hearing loss naturally.


Is SharpEar a Magical Ear Supplement?

No, it is not a magic pill. The pills are just like any dietary pills, which helps to enhance your overall health. In the case of SharpEar supplements, it helps exclusively to better the health of your ears.

You should follow a balanced meal along with regular exercise so that SharpEar supplement works effectively. There are no instant stimulants or synthetics that will give you results overnight.


How long will SharpEar take to see the results?

It depends upon how long you consume SharpEar pill. For long-lasting results, it is best to have the pill for at least 2-3 months continuously.

SharpEar supplement does not provide you with instant results as there are no stimulants or artificial ingredients in it. Hence it does show organic results.

You should also have a good diet and exercise routine so as for the SharpEar capsules to effectively work on your body.

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How Long Will the Results Last?

This again is subjective to how long you take as well as other factors like age, size, consistency, medical conditions, etc.

If you are someone who is suffering from an illness, SharpEar supplement may not affect you easily due to the medication you are prescribed to.

For someone healthy, the results can last for more than a year if consistently practiced. Following a balanced diet is also important. Staying away from drugs and overconsumption of alcohol also helps for the results to persist longer.

Given below is some advice from the founder of SharpEar special supplements which he thinks will add to the effectiveness of the pill.

Do not listen to music on high volume. One of the most common noise pollutions is listening to music with your headphones on maximum volume. It gradually affects your hearing and you may even have some kind of hearing impairment.

He also advises using earplugs in extremely loud environments. These mostly include places of work and occupations that involve loud noises.

Be careful to not have clogged ears. You mustn’t let water enter your ears, especially your ear canals.

Keep your ears clean. This does not necessarily mean to use an earbud every alternative day, but rather to maintain hygiene in regards to your ears. Wipe them gently with a good cotton cloth both inside and outside.

It is also good to work out. This helps your blood to flow to your brains which is good for your ear health. A good cardio exercise can increase the wellness of your ears.

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How much do SharpEar supplement cost?

Basic – 1 bottle of SharpEar capsules \ costs $69 per bottle.

Most Popular – 3 bottles of SharpEar supplements cost $59 per bottle and a total of $177.

Best Value – 6 bottles of SharpEar supplements cost $49 per bottle and a total of $294.

They provide you with free shipping on all orders.

It is best recommended to purchase more than three bottles or more at a time, as there are chances for SharpEar to go out of stock due to the high market demand.

For you to see better and long-lasting results you will have to consume SharpEar supplements for at least two months.

Hence it is suggested you for the 3-bottles or 6 bottles offer as you will also get a discount from the retail price.

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Where can you buy SharpEar supplements from?

It is only available on their official website. You cannot purchase this from any retail drugstore or any other website. Due to the high market demand, there are fake sellers in the online market.

It is necessary to not fall into any such case. The products that third party sellers put online are duplicate and costlier. Hence you should stick to their official website.

You also get to enjoy various offers, free shipping, and a 60-day money-back guarantee when you purchase from their official website.

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SharpEar supplement Risk free policy!

With reference to the official website, the supplement gives you 100% satisfied results. But there may not be same body characteristics for everyone and results may vary with time. In such case, the creator offers a 60-days 100% money refund guarantee where the users might claim their refund when they feel unsatisfied with the results within 60 days. This gives you confidence to try this supplement which is completely risk-free.

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SharpEar Customer reviews and Complaints

There are no complaints as of now about SharpEar supplements. Users have positive comments about the pills and find them extremely helpful and useful.

SharpEar supplement reviews also appreciate great customer service from the manufacturer’s side. With the natural ingredients that help nourish and elevate mood, users experienced relaxation and contentment after using SharpEar supplements. It also reduced their stress and anxiety.

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Reasons: why you should use Sharp Ear as an ear solution?

SharpEar tablets are safe to use, not genetically modified, and don’t have contaminants or dangerous stimulants. Manufacturers don’t focus on the money but the wellness of their clients, therefore they will ensure the product reaches you on time so that you can get better quickly.

Sharp Ear solutions are available online; thus, anyone can order the product and be delivered within the stipulated time. There are good deals on offer when you purchase SharpEar products. Examples of such deals include free shipping, bonuses, and discounts. For individuals ordering SharpEar and are from outside the US, you will require to pay for the shipment fee.

There is an advantage if you buy more bottles of SharpEar because the total cost will be cheaper.

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Is SharpEar supplement Safe?

According to the official website, the SharpEar supplement is the natural solution made to address the root cause to improve the healthy hearing. It follows the strict safety standards to manufacture the product and as reported it has clinically proven ingredients to support the hearing ability. The creator claims the product is safe and effective to use and there are number of SharpEar user reviews without any side effects reported. The supplement is made as safe, natural and pure. It is recommended to consult the doctor before adding any new supplement in your diet especially if you are already under medication, pregnant or breast feeding.

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SharpEar supplement Drawbacks:

You shall buy the SharpEar supplement only in online through the official site and cannot be purchased in stores or pharmacy.

If you are under medication or pregnant or breast feeding, then you should consult the doctor before consuming this supplement.

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Limitations in SharpEar supplement!

It is not recommended for children below 18 years.

Not advised to exceed the dosage than recommended.

Pregnant woman must seek medical advice before using the product.

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The measures are as follows:

Keep the supplement away from pets’ and children’s reach.

Store the product in a dry, dark place at room temperature.

Self-treatment may be harmful. Consult with your health care provider before taking this hearing enhancer.

If you are taking prescribed medications, consider its interaction with SharpEar.

The supplement doesn’t suit pregnant or breastfeeding females.

It’s not recommended for underage consumers.

Do not overdose.

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PROS SharpEar

SharpEar protects ears from various damages (including inflammation of the middle ear, allergies, and so on) and noise pollution, thus enhancing overall hearing.

It reduces the risk of the most wide-spread condition of the ear – hardness of hearing.

SharpEar improves acoustical nerve functioning.

Apart from the protection, the dietetic aid also nourishes the cells enhancing not only hearing but also overall health condition.

It reduces stress, alleviates anxious disorder, and improves mood.

The supplement admixture is all-organic. It doesn’t contain any chemicals, genetically modified or artificial products, or additives.

All the aid components are approved by the FDA and blended in the facility that complies with the GMP standards.

The manufacturer provides a 100% money-back guarantee.

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CONS SharpEar

The vast majority of the time, the results last for one year. Then, you have to take the 2-3-month course again.

The product is available online only.

Pure: sourced from local growers that let plants naturally reach their full maturity and use no herbicides

100% Effective: Prepared the right way and in the right amount in order to keep their properties intact

Safe: Processed under strict sterile standards with regularly disinfected equipments

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Consumers’ Feedback On The Product


I was suffering from the inflammation of the middle ear. If you have ever experienced it, you probably know, this is quite a painful and annoying condition. I’ve taken SharpEar together with my prescribed medications. My doctor said there should be no problems regarding their interactions. Altogether, such a treatment was pretty effective and fast. Of course, I can’t say for sure whether it was all thanks to the supplement. But it definitely improved my mood, reduced stress level, and I began thinking more clearly.

Charlotte O’Reilly, 35, Cleveland, Ohio.

This is my second time using SharpEar. I’m taking it as a preventative measure since my family members are prone to hearing loss. And last year, I noticed that I began to hear worse. So I took actions immediately. Fortunately, SharpEar turned out to be legit. It calmed my nerves, reduced stress, and improved hearing as well.

Kenneth Briggs, 58, Henderson, Nevada.

The only minus about SharpEar is that you need to take it regularly for 2-3 months. And I’m quite forgetful person, so yeap, I definitely missed a few days. Still, I feel positive changes. I hear surrounding sounds better and think more clearly.

Marcus Stott, 45, Indianapolis, Indiana.

I was suffering from tinnitus. I’ve tried various methods to improve the situation, but nothing seemed to help. In the SharpEar presentation, it’s said it may help. So, I decided to try the supplement. I felt the effect in the first two weeks. Great product!

Lucille Hunt, 51, Arlington, Texas.

SharpEar changed my life completely. I was sure I’m not going to hear clearly again. My health care provider said there was nothing they could do to solve the problem. And all these pieces of advice like cleaning ears or sticking to healthy diet weren’t effective at all. The situation got worse and worse. I was tired, angry and annoyed all the time. I began to gain weight. On other words, I was desperate. My friend suggested the SharpEar supplement to me as a safe and natural solution. The first month of intake hadn’t shown any results. But then I began to notice changes in my mood, attitude, and overall health condition. I began to hear better! Thanks to the manufacturer a lot!

Meredith Acosta, 60, Birmingham, Alabama.

It’s not like I hear badly, but I experience pain in ears quite often. SharpEar helps me to reduce pain and improve the blood flow to the brain.

Antonina Bradley, 40, Omaha, Nebraska.

SharpEar is great! 5 out of 5. No side effects, whatsoever.

Nevaeh Collier, 50, Portland, Oregon.

I was a martyr to the ear infection. Once a year, I experienced it for sure. And that happened regularly. So, I decided to get rid of the issue completely. SharpEar was my solution. It alleviated symptoms in a few days. Now, I’m taking it as a preventative measure.

Florence Velazquez, 41, Lincoln, Nebraska.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SharpEar

Here a brief overview of commonly asked questions about the new SharpEar formula.

What does SharpEar do?

Based on the information online, SharpEar is meant to help consumers improve the ear’s health, though the reduction of hearing loss is implied.

What ingredients are used in SharpEar?

While a full list of the ingredients doesn’t seem available, the website explicitly mentions Ginkgo Biloba, St John’s Wort flower heads, Vinpocetine seeds, and Huperzine-A aerial plant, and L-Glutamine as part of the formula.

What other ways can consumers protect their ears from damage?

Olson recommends reducing the volume of different devices around the home (which accounts for 15% of hearing loss cases), using earplugs when this option isn’t available. The World Health Organization states that an audio device’s improper use is responsible for hearing loss in 1.1 billion young adults and teenagers.

The creators of SharpEar recommend preventing water and other substances from entering the ear canal, keeping up with regular cleaning of the ear, and taking part in the exercise.

What if consumers have other questions?

The customer service team can be reached by sending an email to

Precautionary Measures For SharpEar

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5 simple steps included to take care of your ears:

Use earplugs around loud noise.

Noise is the major cause for leading hearing problems. Earplugs are convenient to manage dangerous sound levels.

Minimize the volume.

Due to unsafe volume, billions of people are affected with hearing loss. In this case, you can use 60% of volume for no more 60-minutes a day.

Prevent water into ears

You must protect your ears from water entering into your ear canal during water sports like swimming, dashing and water fall. As this may affect your ear health.

Keep ear hygienic.

It is better to clean your ear properly and use the ear products made for this purpose. You might use natural protector with its safety standards. Prevent using cotton buds which may damage the ear canal or eardrum.

Make movements.

Doing exercise is good for your body which improves blood pumping to all parts of your body including ears. You shall wear helmets while cycling or driving that may prevent ear damage while hitting the ground when you fall.

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SharpEar Reviews- Final Verdict

For anyone suffering some kind of hearing issue, SharpEar supplement seems like a great natural formula. It helps to better your hearing ability as well as protects your ears from any kind of damage.

With the help of ingredients that are 100% natural and organic, it also protects your hair cells and eases the flow of blood to your ears. It works well to reduce your stress levels as well as functions well enough to boost your moods.

Ingredients like Passionflower and Ginkgo Biloba give you nourishment and improve the functioning of your body. It also makes you feel relaxed and fresh as it influences your mood.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that if you are already on medication, you should consult your doctor before taking SharpEar supplements. It is better so that you won’t have any counter effects.

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