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What Is Restolin?

Restolin is an innovative hair growth product that works for both women and men with alopecia or hair loss. According to numerous reviews on the Restolin website, this nutritional supplement has managed to reverse baldness and other hair loss issues in numerous people. The person who created this supplement also says that he was suffering from hair loss and he decided to take action by researching and creating an effective solution. Today, he’s proud of having regrown his hair by using Restolin.

Restolin is manufactured in America in a GMP-certified, FDA-approved, sterile facility. Every pill of this nutritional supplement contains only top-notch natural ingredients rather than artificial compounds and fillers. This product is mainly targeted towards both women and men who are looking to rejuvenate their hair and treat baldness along with various other hair loss issues.

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How Restolin works?

Within a few months, Restolin can help restore a full head of hair on top of your scalp. No longer will you have to suffer from thinning, balding hair, weak or damaged hair, and dandruff and scalp irritations. Restolin was specifically formulated to combat all of these things.

So how exactly does Restolin work?

Restolin inhibits the 5-AR enzyme: 5a-reductase is an enzyme that influences your body to convert testosterone into DHT. DHT is a hormone that weakens hair follicles by clogging your pores and inhibiting nutrient delivery to the follicles. Restolin can effectively stop the root cause of hair loss by inhibiting this enzyme, so you will stop losing any more hair from day one.

Restolin helps nourish damaged and weakened hair follicles: Poor nutrient absorption in your hair follicles can cause your hair follicles to become weakened and damaged. Unfortunately, because of DHT, nutrients cannot be delivered where they need to be. As Restolin works to inhibit DHT, it also contains several nourishing vitamins and minerals needed to help you restore hair growth and to improve the health of the hair you may still have.

Restolin helps improve circulation to improve nutrient delivery: While Restolin has the essential nutrients your hair needs to grow strong and healthy, these nutrients still need to reach your hair follicles. Restolin contains several herbal extracts that help to improve your circulation so that all of the important nutrients and anti-inflammatory agents found in Restolin can be delivered directly to your hair follicles.

Restolin reduces inflammation and fights bacteria: Inflammation and bacteria can cause the scalp to become irritated and block nutrients from reaching your hair follicles. In addition, bacteria can cause a variety of skin conditions to develop. Restolin contains several anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial herbal extracts that fight off infection and kill bad bacteria that inhibit hair growth.

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Benefits of Restolin

The main benefit to taking Restolin is obviously its’ ability to regrow your hair. Its’ ingredients are clinically proven to support hair growth by inhibiting the 5AR enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into DHT – which is the root cause of hair loss.

However, this is not the only benefit of taking Restolin. In fact, there are several other benefits to taking Restolin, including:

Improved immunity: Several of the ingredients in Restolin are known to support immunity. Turmeric, the mushroom complex, essiac tea complex, and several other ingredients all contain various plant compounds that are known to stimulate your immune system to help better your body eliminate pathogens and fight off inflammation.

Better circulation: Many of the ingredients can help support circulation by acting as a vasodilator to widen the blood vessels. However, there’s some evidence that many ingredients found in Restolin can eliminate cholesterol from the bloodstream, which may help improve blood flow.

Better scalp health: For your hair to grow, you need to have a healthy scalp. Restolin has several anti-bacterial ingredients that can help eliminate unhealthy bacteria from the scalp that may be interfering with your body’s ability to deliver nutrients to the scalp. It also contains several nourishing and healing agents that can eliminate dandruff, dry scalp and prevent future bacterial infections in the scalp.

Besides these benefits, Restolin will help to shine your hair, help your hair grow longer, can heal damaged hair, can thicken your hair, and can improve the volume and texture of your hair as well.

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Restolin Scientific Evidence

The FDA approves only one treatment for hair loss; minoxidil. Users can apply this chemical compound to their scalp daily to stimulate hair growth. According to some studies, minoxidil works as advertised to help users re-grow their hair. However, it is not a long-term solution to balding.

Restolin is not FDA-approved for reversing hair loss, promoting hair re-growth, and preventing balding. There are no clinical trials to verify it can accomplish these functions.

However, according to their sales page, the creator includes images of people before and after they used Restolin. Before using the supplement, the scalps were bald, patchy, and with poor-quality hair. However, after using Restolin, the users’ scalps changed. They experienced restoration and a full crop of healthy hair. This could be a testimony that Restolin works, but there is no way to verify whether what is on the website is genuine.

According to science, the ingredients in Restolin could only support hair growth to a small extent by managing inflammation. However, there is no scientific evidence to support that Restolin or any other supplement could reverse balding or restore hair growth on a patchy scalp.

There is no way to verify whether Restolin provides the benefits advertised on its sales page. The first ingredient listed in Restolin is Graviola, which is known for its ability to deliver health and wellness benefits. This ingredient has been used for centuries and is even linked to anti-cancer properties.

This ingredient can work because it contains more than 200 phytochemical ingredients. These components work in various ways throughout the body and most of them are flavonoids, alkaloids, and sterols that support healthy inflammation. However, no scientific studies have shown that Graviola extract can cure balding and hair re-growth.

Red Raspberry is the second largest ingredient in Restolin. This ingredient delivers raspberry ketones, which according to some studies, could impact hair growth on topical application. In a study done in 2008, researchers applied raspberry extract to the skin of mice and observed insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1).

They did a follow-up test and noted improvements in hair growth and skin elasticity in humans. This led to the conclusion that raspberry extract could increase IGF-1 production upon topical application. This could influence hair growth.

Overall, most of the ingredients used in Restolin are adaptogens. These antioxidant-rich plant extracts could help the body manage stress and stress-induced hair loss. Those who lose hair due to stress issues can therefore take adaptogen supplements to help their bodies manage stress and slow down hair loss.

Selenium is one of the most science-backed ingredients in Restolin. The body needs Selenium to create hair. Selenium-deficient people often have poorer hair quality compared to people who take the recommended dose of Selenium daily. Selenium is available in any multivitamin. Alternatively, Restolin contains it in a small dose.

Overall, Restolin ingredients could support hair growth and quality to a lesser extent. Importantly, none of the ingredients has been singled out to help in re-growing hair or curing balding.

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Restolin Facts

Restolin has included a list of the various ingredients contained in this supplement. Here are the key ingredients:

Vitamin C, 30mg
Vitamin E, 20mg
Selenium, 20 mcg
There is also a proprietary blend of 1512mg per serving in every Restolin pill. Here are the main elements included in that proprietary mixture:

Green tea
Red raspberry
Pine bark
Essiac tea complex
Sheep sorrel
Mushroom complex
Olive leaf
Panax ginseng
Cat’s claw
Other ingredients in Restolin include:
Magnesium stearate
Microcrystalline cellulose
Plant cellulose
Silicon dioxide

A closer look at Restolin Ingredients
Here is a brief overview of how the various vitamins, herbal, and plant extracts work to reverse hair loss issues:

Vitamin E and vitamin C are the two primary vitamins included in Restolin due to their antioxidant effects. Antioxidants are essential for maintaining overall health and fighting inflammation. Your hair requires plenty of these two vitamins to continue growing effectively.

Selenium is the main mineral ingredient in Restolin and it has been linked to promoting healthy hair and hair growth. This mineral is commonly used in hair supplements alongside other hair-promoting minerals like magnesium and zinc.

Graviola leaf
Most parts of the Graviola plant, from the leaves and fruits to the seeds and stems, have long been used in various types of traditional therapies. Certain studies have found that Graviola leaves can help stop prostate cancer and promote liver health, while others have discovered that this plant extract can support healthy hair.

Red raspberry
The red raspberry fruits are also included in this new Restolin formula. These fruits are popular for their high sources of powerful antioxidants, such as vitamin C. These antioxidants fight inflammation across the body, thus creating an optimal environment for maximum hair growth. If your hair loss and baldness problems are due to inflammation, then this supplement can be of great help.

Green tea
An extract of green tea leaves was added to Restolin because it is full of antioxidants and polyphenols, like EGCG. Most people already know about the benefits of green tea and they use it every day for its various positive effects on overall wellness and health. Green tea not only ensures you have healthy hair, but it can also enhance your fat-burning effects while supporting healthy inflammation across your body.

Mushroom complex
The mushroom complex in Restolin comprises maitake, reishi, and shitake mushroom extracts. The high amount of copper in this mushroom extract interacts with natural melanin in the body to slow down the graying of hair. This mushroom complex also contributes to a stronger immune response.

Most of the components used in Restolin are adaptogens and that means that they enable the body to better deal with anxiety and stress. Adaptogenic herbs are helpful in fighting both mental and physical stress. Restolin contains a mushroom extract of maitake and reishi mushrooms that help prevent stress. If your patchy or balding hair issue is due to stress, then Restolin and its adaptogens can help restore your hair.

The antioxidants in grape seed oil have numerous positive effects on witlessness, including treating various health issues. This ingredient reduces baldness, treats hair loss, and also eliminates dandruff. Grape seed also promotes fast hair regrowth and provides thicker and softer hair.

Turmeric has long been used as a critical ingredient in various traditional therapies across Asia. Most of the beneficial properties are due to its active ingredient known as curcumin, which has powerful antioxidant effects. Turmeric prevents thinning and breakage of hair while enhancing blood circulation across the body.

Restolin also contains plenty of other ingredients that contain high amounts of antioxidants that promote healthy inflammation across your body. Some of the notable antioxidant-rich natural ingredients include pine back, essiac tea complex, ginseng, and beta-glucan among others. Overall, Restolin uses the power of its ingredients to deliver impressive hair growth.

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Features of Restolin

Here are key features of Restolin:

Effective treatment for baldness
Restolin treats hair loss and hair damage, thus helping to reverse baldness. It also destroys harmful bacteria on your scalp.

Enhances your hair texture
The highest quality and purest ingredients in Restolin combine to cleanse and effectively moisturize your hair. This supplement prevents frizzy and dry hair, which leads to soft, smooth hair with no breakage issues.

Restores youthful hair
Restolin also stops the whitening or greying of hair. It supports stronger and better texture hair to keep your youthful hair healthy.

Restolin dosage instructions
The use of pure, top-quality ingredients in this nutritional supplement, along with hygienic manufacturing practices means that Restolin will not cause any negative health effects. Nevertheless, if you are allergic to any of the components used to make this supplement, then you should ask your doctor if it is safe to start taking Restolin. Most people will not get any adverse reactions after consuming Restolin pills daily.

The other essential thing to consider is the fact that this supplement is quite potent and is only meant for adults. That means you should store it safely away from kids to prevent them from taking these pills. Additionally, people who are already taking other medications must first consult their healthcare provider before using Restolin.

The dosage instructions for Restolin are quite straightforward. Simply take two pills with water every day. The manufacturer recommends using Restolin for a few months to obtain the most optimal, long-lasting benefits.

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Side Effects of Restolin – Is Restolin Safe?

Before you try any supplement, it’s important to know whether or not that supplement is safe for you to take. After all, supplements are not regulated, and therefore they are not always tested for safety.

Thankfully, Restolin is predominately safe because of its’ natural formula and the manufacturer’s years of research. When Restolin was formulated, the manufacturer researched hundreds of individual ingredients until they found the most effective yet safe ingredients for hair growth.

That’s why there are not many common side effects while taking this product. In some rare cases, indigestion, nausea, and headache have occurred in certain individuals who may be sensitive to some of the ingredients in Restolin. However, these side effects are infrequent and are typically both temporary and mild.

Overall, Restolin is a very safe supplement that should not negatively impact your health in any manner.

There are some groups of people that should not take Restolin. If you are under the age of 18, are pregnant or nursing, or are on certain blood-thinning medications, then Restolin should not be taken.

If you are unsure whether or not Restolin is right for you, the manufacturer recommends you speak to your doctor to see if it is right. He or she should tell you whether the ingredients in Restolin are safe for you based on your current health situation.

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How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Hair growth isn’t an overnight process, nor is it stopping hair loss. Therefore, you need to give Restolin plenty of time so that its’ ingredients can start to reverse hair loss.

In general, it takes months, not weeks, for Restolin to make any real changes to your hair. While some users have noticed some small changes within the first few weeks of starting Restolin, most users only really begin to notice any changes after the first-month mark.

The manufacturer recommends you take Restolin for at least three months before making any judgment about the product. While you will likely begin to notice changes after four to six weeks, the manufacturer still recommends you use their product for a full three months before determining whether or not it is the right hair growth product for you.

If you want to see faster results, the manufacturer recommends following a healthy diet, reducing your stress levels, and maintaining a healthy sleep cycle. All three of these lifestyle choices support healthier hair growth and help make Restolin much more effective.

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How long should you use Restolin?

According to the manufacturer of Restolin, this supplement requires at least three months or more of regular use to reap its maxim benefits. Daily consumption of these pills is essential for this supplement to work efficiently. Fortunately, you can purchase the longer-term Restolin packages to earn great savings and ensure your supply doesn’t run out. Additionally, you should follow healthy lifestyle habits alongside your Restolin intake to maintain the positive effects for longer.

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Is Restolin legitimate?

There are new supplements produced every day that feature amazing promises to users, but the reality is that some of those products are not legitimate. In contrast, Restolin is completely legitimate and it has already been used by thousands of people. The thousands of women and men that have used this supplement experienced significant benefits in reducing their hair breakages and restoring their healthy hair. Restolin is produced with strict adherence to crucial quality and safety standards. The ingredients mentioned above are directly obtained from safe, organic sources without exposure to toxins and chemicals.

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Pros of Restolin

Treats baldness and hair loss
Strengthens and rejuvenates hair
Enriches your scalp with powerful natural nutrients
Prevents hair breakage and promotes hair growth
Enhances hair texture and appearance
It restores your youthful, shiny, and healthier hair

Cons of Restolin

Irregular use of these pills can affect the desired hair growth results
It is not meant for people below 18 years

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How to buy Restolin?

Restolin is exclusively available for sale on its official website. The price per bottle varies depending on which package you choose. Here are the main pricing options for Restolin:

Most popular: Buy 3 bottles of Restolin at $177
Best value: Buy 6 bottles of Restolin at $294
Basic: Buy 1 bottle of Restolin at $69
All the packages mentioned above come with free shipping.

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Does Restolin have a money-back guarantee?

All Restolin purchases are backed by an extensive refund policy period of 60 days. It means users can get a refund of their payment within the first two months. The company says that refunds are processed quickly for any unsatisfied client.

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Restolin user reviews

According to numerous reviews, Restolin has provided satisfactory outcomes for its clients without causing side effects or negative reactions. Most clients have said that they were pleased with the enhanced hair growth and healthier hair they experienced after using this supplement. There are no complaints about this product that have been reported yet.

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Who Is Behind Restolin?

William Anderson is the person who created Restolin and he says that he spent nearly three decades looking for the best methods of supporting natural hair growth. He finally found the answer by combining several potent ingredients to create Restolin. He used the product on his head and he was completely amazed by the remarkable hair growth results as his scalp went from bald and patchy to maximum growth.

William says that he only used Restolin to achieve remarkable hair growth. He did not apply any other topical treatments or take any medication for his baldness. He was highly motivated that he had found the answer to natural hair rejuvenation and he decided to share this new treatment with others across the world. Today, William says that his formula continues to help countless women and men across the globe to restore the full, rich head of healthy, strong hair they’ve always desired.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does Restolin take to show effects?

Based on how much damage has occurred, Restolin may take a lesser or longer period to show the results. Many people see a change in their hair within one month of using it, while others may have to wait for three to six months.

Can you apply Restolin to your hair?

Restolin is an oral dietary formula; means you have to swallow it through your mouth. Being a hair regrowth formula doesn’t mean that you have to apply it to your hair. Any use other than the prescribed method is not recommended or safe for any user.

Can you take the Restolin pill with another treatment?

If you are already getting treatment for hair fall or hair regrowth, wait until your medicinal course is completed. Never combine medicines with supplements as they may interact with each other and cancel the effects. For more details, talk to your doctor about Restolin pills.

Can Restolin reverse baldness?

Restolin is a hair regrowth formula that doesn’t treat any disease. If your baldness is genetic or linked with a disease, there are no chances to regrow hair unless you go through a surgical procedure. However, if you start taking it after getting a hair transplant, it will improve your hair growth.

Is there any auto-subscription plan for Restolin pills?

Restolin has no subscription plan, and you have to order it every time you need it. As it is high in demand, there are high chances that it might not be available every month. The company restocks it within a few weeks, and in case you have finished your bottle, you have to wait for all this time to get another.

What is the delivery time for Restolin?

All domestic orders (within the US) take 5 to 7 working days for delivery. However, international orders, including those from Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and others, may take up to three weeks for delivery, depending upon the customs rules. To learn more, visit

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Restolin Final Verdict

Restolin and its proprietary vitamin-plant formula is the ideal solution for treating damaged, unhealthy hair. The ingredients contained in this product come from natural, organic sources, which ensures they retain most of the purity and beneficial effects. Additionally, the manufacturer has used the best manufacturing practices to ensure they create a safe supplement. According to thousands of customer reviews, Restolin works effectively as a hair growth product. Additionally, the 60-day refund policy further helps to inspire consumer confidence in this product.

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