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CircuBoost is a Premium Nitric Oxide Booster – Fermented Beet & Mango Powder Helps Support Healthy Blood Flow, Heart, Energy, Endurance,and Focus – 30 Servings, Tropical Flavor.

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Are you lacking the stamina and physical abilities that you once had? Do you feel rundown and tired more often than you should? How would you like to get your energy back and experience how it feels to have the stamina and vigor that you had in your 20’s or 30’s? It’s time to take your life back and start doing the things you used to do! Play a full game of softball, shop for hours without the need to take long breaks, even go for a run or bike ride without becoming tired or short of breath. The way you can make this happen is by consuming a fermented, whole-food natural dietary supplement. It’s called CIRCUBOOST. It’s a jolt of boundless energy in one tasty, refreshing and rejuvenating daily tropical drink… And it helps you feel like your best self.*

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What is CircuBoost?

CircuBoost is a tasty Nitric Oxide booster drink mix with a lot of natural dietary nitrates. It’s a powdered energy drink with a tropical mango zing that tastes fantastic. CircuBoost’s potent components have the potential to change your life. They aid in the promotion of healthy blood flow and the maintenance of normal blood pressure levels. CircuBoost contains only 100 percent natural, non-GMO substances that are free of toxins and stimulants. It provides your body with all of the raw elements it requires to produce and maintain Nitric Oxide for an extended length of time. It also protects Nitric Oxide after it is produced, allowing it to last longer and be more effective in keeping you healthy. CircuBoost also improves the body’s performance by allowing more oxygen, fuel, and other essential nutrients to reach working muscles. This boosts circulation, which energizes your cells, increases endurance, protects your heart, and revitalizes your entire body from head to toe.

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Why CircuBoost?

CircuBoost gives you the perfect boost you need to stay strong by providing you with the proper nutrients to promote Nitric Oxide.* Normal NO levels start a slow decline in your mid 30’s and then continue to drop during your 40’s. By the time you reach 50, your body produces 60% less NO than you had in your 20’s. By the time you reach 70, your body produces a staggering 75% less.

No wonder you feel so weak and tired! So how can you raise your NO levels?
One very well-known method to raise your NO levels is by taking an amino acid known as L-arginine. But the problem is that by the time you reach your 40’s, it’s quite difficult for your body to convert L-arginine into NO. By the time you turn 65, it’s almost impossible. Which means that this method of taking extra L-arginine will do little or nothing to boost NO levels.
Another option is L-citrulline, an amino acid found in melon. Research shows that L-citrulline converts into NO faster and more efficiently than L-arginine. But L-citrulline has its share of drawbacks, too. L-citrulline is very difficult for your body to absorb. Only a tiny fraction of the L-citrulline molecule gets metabolized in your body. The rest is completely wasted. In the end, you experience few, if any, health benefits!
Most NO supplements contain at least one, if not both nutrients. But due to their low effectiveness, they are not highly recommended.
Luckily, there’s a much better, more effective way to increase NO levels. Ingredients in CircuBoost are supported by scientific research! CircuBoost is a remarkable NO booster that has beneficial health properties from a synergistic blend of fermented beet powder and Careflow® Mango Fruit Powder, which have been clinically studied for their role in supporting proper micro-circulation.
CircuBoost helps increase NO levels to help improve blood flow.* This helps energize your cells, power up endurance, supports heart health, and revitalizes your entire body from head to toe.

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How does CircuBoost work?

Circuboost provides you with the nutritional support you need to stay strong by promoting Nitric Oxide production. Nitric oxide levels decrease as you become older. It becomes 60% less at 50 than you did when you were a youngster. At the age of 70, they are further reduced by 75%. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, which means it tells your blood vessels to relax, allowing more blood to flow through them. Because it’s such a short-lived gas, your body has to have a ready supply of raw materials (or components) on hand to produce it on demand. It can’t be stored because it’s gas.
Nitric oxide nourishes nearly every organ and cell in the body, ensuring that they perform at their best. It’s nature’s great force for the whole well-being, not just for one ailment. It accomplishes this by promoting healthy blood flow, which transports oxygen, nutrients, water, and hormones to every cell in every organ. The lack of Nitric Oxide production and blood flow can drain the joy from life.
CircuBoost solves this problem by giving you just what you need to improve nitric oxide production* naturally. When you take CircuBoost daily, you are recharging your entire being. FermaPro Beet and Careflow Mango fruit powder provide the energy-boosting power of nitrate-rich plant-based potency. Fermented FermaPro® Beet, a CircuBoost ingredient, has more than twice the natural nitrates of normal beet powder. CircuBoost tastes amazing thanks to Careflow Mango Powder. Through two double-blind, human clinical trials, the clinical grade of Careflow® Mango fruit powder has been scientifically proven to help enhance Nitric Oxide in the body.

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CircuBoost Ingredients:

CircuBoost is a natural supplement that treats not only nitric oxide deficiency but also promotes overall health. The following are its components and benefits:

FermaPro Fermented Beet: FermaPro® fermented beet extract has twice the nitrate content of ordinary beets. In your body, nitrates are converted to nitric oxide. As a result, the more nitrates you take in, the better. In addition, its unique fermentation method incorporates beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Fermenting “consumes” all of the natural sugars, making FermaPro® beet extract lower in calories and providing additional blood sugar protection.

Careflow Mango Powder: Organic mangoes collected at the peak of ripeness are used in Careflow®. This is due to the presence of particular trace nutrients and other molecules in ripe fruit that is required for the conversion of food into NO. Careflow® organic mango also passes several quality standards. It exclusively comprises organic mango that has been ultra-concentrated. It’s completely safe and well-tolerated. Most significantly, it is backed by double-blind, human clinical trials, which are considered the gold standard in medical research.

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CircuBoost Benefits:

CircuBoost is a simple-to-use solution that provides several benefits to customers looking to improve their blood circulation. The following are the advantages:

Increases Nitric Oxide Levels and Aids Microcirculation
Strength and stamina are increased, which helps to support lean muscle.
Supports quicker muscle recovery after exercise
Increase your endurance and performance.
Blood thins naturally and aids circulation.
Encourage the development of robust, flexible blood vessels.
Supports appropriate clotting and fibrin activity.
Defend your body from free radical harm.
Encourage calcium to flow out of the bloodstream and into the bones.
Blood sugar levels are regulated and blood pressure is reduced.
Lowers your chances of getting a heart attack or stroke.
Boosts immunity and protects the body’s health.
It was made in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility.
Guaranteed Refund Policy

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How do you know if CircuBoost is working for YOU?

Well, perhaps… Your hands and feet feel warm and comfortable
Your extremities no longer tingle or burn
Your mind is sharp and focused
Your stamina and endurance reach new heights
Your blood sugar is in healthier balance
You feel energetic, alert and alive again
The longer you take CIRCUBOOST™, the better it will work.* Once the ingredients in CIRCUBOOST™ build up in your cells, membranes, and tissues to clinically beneficial levels, there’s no mistaking its value. One scoop a day mixed into your favorite beverage is all it takes to re-energize your body!*

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How to Take CircuBoost?

Directions: For best results, mix one serving (one scoop) with water or favorite beverage. You will love the taste. You will love the results!

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How long should you use CircuBoost?

According to CircuBoost official website, this product is not a therapeutic option. Therefore, users should not consume CircuBoost to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. New users should ensure they consult a physician before ingesting CircuBoost. Since each individual is unique, CircuBoost effectiveness varies. Some people will get positive results a few days after using CircuBoost, while others take weeks.

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Guidelines for the CircuBoost consumer:

CircuBoost, despite being a natural product, should be used with caution, especially if you have stomach problems.
Never exceed the suggested dosage to get faster results.
In this instance, all you have to do is take the capsules at the right time each day to ensure that your results are not impaired or delayed.
CircuBoost is not recommended if you are under the age of 18, pregnant, or nursing a child.
Supplements are also not recommended for people who have been diagnosed with a medical ailment.
The outcome may differ from person to person.
If you have any questions, speak with a local healthcare practitioner.
For maximum effect, combine the Circuboost with a probiotic-rich diet and an active lifestyle.

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Is the CircuBoost supplement a scam?

Here is the part that you may have been waiting for where I tell you whether the supplement is a scam or not.
The simple answer is that the supplement is legit and here are the reasons I say that:

The creator is real and experienced
The creator of the supplement is a real person and he has been in this natural health or healing for a very long time.

Science of the product
The science also shows good signs that the product does indeed work for the good of what it is claimed to help you with.

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Pros And Cons

The Pros:
CircuBoost is an all-natural and safe to use supplement.
This superfood supports healthy blood pressure levels.
This superfood helps to promote nitric oxide production in your body.
This product enhances greater good blood flow once and for all.
CircuBoost is a completely safe, effective, and natural solution.
This product won’t include any jitters or dangerous side effects.
It offers you a great boost in stimulating the blood flow in your body.
CircuBoost includes the clinically proven power of nitric oxide.
It helps in maintaining peak vitality and optimal health.
This unique formula eliminates fatigue, boosts your energy.
It helps in keeping your heart health better.
This product makes you live a healthy and happy life.
You can easily get the energy-boosting power of nitrate-rich plant-based potency.
The Cons:
CircuBoost is available online only. There is no offline availability.
Individual results may vary from person to person. All it depends on the regularity of the coffee you take.
This product is not recommended for pregnant women, or for people who have problems with hypertension.
If you are having any doubt or following any other medication, you can consider with your physician or doctor and then start using this product for having the best result.

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Where to buy CircuBoost?

CircuBoost is only available as a digital download from the CircuBoost website. Because the CircuBoost formula results from years of effort, the founder has kept it a secret so that only genuine persons with the medical condition can benefit from it.
A two-month money-back guarantee backs CircuBoost. During this time, you’ll be able to tell if the product is right for you. If it doesn’t, you may always call the customer service department to return it. This demonstrates that the manufacturer places a higher value on customers than on sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it taste like?
A: CircuBoost tastes fruity (but ONLY has 2 grams of sugar.)

Q: Do I need a prescription?
A: No, this is available to you without a prescription.

Q: How does this help me?
A: It supplies your body with all the raw materials you need to make and sustain Nitric Oxide for long periods of time. It also protects your Nitric Oxide once it is made, contributing to a longer life and greater efficacy for keeping you robustly healthy.* As you age, your Nitric oxide levels plunge. By 50, you make 60% less than you did as a teenager. At 70 you make 75% less!

Q: What is Nitric Oxide and why do I need it?
A: Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, meaning it signals your blood vessels to relax, increasing blood flow. It’s a very short-lived gas which means your body has to have an available supply of raw materials (our ingredients) on hand to create it on demand. As a gas, it can’t be stored for later use.

Nitric oxide nourishes virtually every organ and cell, ensuring they function at optimal levels. It’s nature’s powerful force for complete head-to-toe wellness, not just one condition. And it does this by powering strong blood flows that transport oxygen, nutrients, water and hormones to every cell in every organ.

Q: What’s in CircuBoost?
A: See the supplement facts listed below.

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About the Editor

Don Elgie has been formulating supplements for over 30 years. He developed one of the first multi-strain probiotics before they became the household word they are now.

Then several years later he came across the first published article on Nitric Oxide (N-O) and its ability to relax blood vessels. This worked piqued Don’s interest since certain probiotics have been noted for their production of N-O. This discovery set him on the path to the development of Circuboost.

He believes it’s important to use an open mind, science and common sense when it comes to choosing nutritional supplements. With thousands of repeat customers to prove it Don’s philosophy can be summed up as: “What is true about nutrition is not magic and what is magic about nutrition is not true.”

Donald A. Elgie
Editor of Longevity Newsletter &
Founder, Independent Vital Life LLC.



CircuBoost is a potent Nitric Oxide rejuvenation combination that blends the proprietary power of Careflow mango fruit with DermaPro fermented beets to assist and enhance blood flow and oxygen distribution to the heart and body. This carefully crafted synergistic blend aids in the natural surge of energy and the maintenance of a healthy heart. It may aid muscle repair over time, particularly in persons over the age of 35.
According to the official website, CircuBoost is prepared with high-quality components that are scientifically proven to promote healthy circulation, energy, and endurance. As a result, the risks associated with CircuBoost are quite low. The supplement works best when accompanied by a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle. You have the option to request a refund if you are unhappy with the results. A 60-day money-back guarantee is included with this package. To learn more about the formula and potential benefits, visit the CircuBoost for more information.

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