BURN BOOST Updated Review 2022!

Does Dr.Matt Stirling’s Burn Boost powder really Help to Enhance Your Metabolism And Increase Your Daily Calorie Expenditure? Is it 100% natural & safe to use? Stay focused right here and Let’s Find Out More In This Burn Boost Latest Review!

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Burn Boost is the world’s first and only rapid calorie-burning formula made from the highest quality natural ingredients.

It is designed for people who want to see sustainable improvement in their weight loss journey without any unnecessary lifestyle changes.

From cutting down up to 211 calories daily to making you look 10, 20, or even 30 years younger than your age, with boundless energy that lasts all day, the Burn Boost supplement is a powerful antioxidant that has been scientifically proven to increase daily calorie burn in women and men.

The word out there is that weight loss is all about hormones, that you have to increase your metabolism, go on a fad diet, and exercise till your back and joints ache for the whole week. But these aren’t as easy as the doctors and “experts” make it seem.

One thing is true though, no matter how old you are, how much weight you have to lose, whether you have horrible genes or slow metabolism, you just have to burn more calories.

From that, you will burn more fat and lose more weight. Given this, nothing more can come in handy if not for the world’s first and only rapid pure fat and calorie burner.


  • It helps to prevent the accumulation of body fat.
  • Increases the amount of caloric burn from fat.
  • Helps to reduce your waist circumference and assist you in getting into the greatest shape possible.
  • Helps to lower your appetite as well as the amount of food you eat.
  • Helps to boost your self-confidence while also increasing your energy levels.
  • Improves your sexual desire.
  • Will help you get back to your former young self.
  • You can lose weight without changing your diet or doing exercises.
  • Helps to increase your immunity.
  • It contains potent antioxidants to detoxify the body from harmful toxins
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Switches on lipolysis, which converts stored fat cells into energy
  • Promotes better metabolic function to support weight loss
  • Improves overall health thanks to its potent ingredients
  • Enhances brain function and improves cognition
  • Supports a better digestive system
  • Muscles recover faster after working out
  • Transforms the body into a fat-burning machine
  • No harmful ingredients added
  • It’s easy to take thanks to its powder form and natural ingredients
  • People lose weight without restrictive diets or strenuous physical activity
  • A rich source of amino acids
  • Reduces appetite and sugar cravings
  • Improves mood


  • It serves as a metabolism booster: Burn Boost is made from safe and effective natural ingredients that increase the body’s metabolism and speed up the fat-burning process in the body.

  • Bursting Energy Levels: Regular consumption of Burn Boost helps convert stored fat into usable energy. This not only increases your energy level with little food intake, but it also helps reduce cravings, hunger, and fatigue.

  • Safe to Consume: Burn Boost is made from 100 percent pure plant extracts, with no genetically modified ingredients, chemicals, or additives. This makes it safe to consume without the fear of side effects.

  • Fast Results: Most people notice differences in their energy level and their urge for food within the first 24 hours. Some see a noticeable change in their weight within the first week. Thus, no matter your size, expected results can be guaranteed.

How It Works?

Burn Boost supplement is able to do all the amazing things and improve your metabolism and speed up weight loss because it tricks your body into burning hundreds of extra calories daily without doing any extra work.

Its consumption triggers a reaction in the body called Lipolysis, which simply breaks down stored fat into usable fat.

When this happens, the fat in your body is converted into usable energy, which significantly helps to reduce the cravings and hunger that never seem to go away. In this case, you eat less but are still filled with bursting energy.

The fact is exercising, dieting, and eating healthier foods have nothing to do with lipolysis and how the body burns fat.

Unlike the Burn Boost supplement, they can only help you burn sugar for energy. But as you grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult to exercise and stick to a strict diet.

Thus, to turn your body into a natural fat burner, you need to activate that process in your body, and Burn Boost is your best bet to help with that.

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Ingredient Label

Getting complete knowledge about the inclusion of the ingredients is more important. You will come to know more and the in-depth function of the Burn Boost that will work effectively for burning the excess fat deposition.

Glutamine is a fantastic ingredient that will work effectively, which plays a significant role in breakdown the fat deposition and shed the weight accumulated in your body parts. This will play a crucial role in strengthening your body muscles, giving you the ideal improvement in your joints, muscles, bones, and other parts of your body. Apart from that, you will get a lean body with the perfect shape.

Green coffee beans:
The following ingredients of the Burn Boost are Green coffee beans that will consist of the chlorogenic acid that can shed the additional weight by absorbing the extra fat and glucose from your body.

Catechins is a phenolic compound that mainly consists of antioxidants showing the massive transformation in lowering cholesterol levels. This Burn Boost will have good catechins to help you burn the excess fat. It will also primarily support getting a flat stomach and shrinking the thigh part.

Guarana is a plant that mainly occurs in the Amazon forest, which has primarily specific properties that will help burn the excess of fat storage and support improving your overall health.

Coconut water powder:
The addition of the coconut water powder has the properties to build your body metabolism, supporting the proper rehydration and re-energizing your entire body to show you the proper cleansing of your body. This coconut powder will also help you keep you hydrated, supporting reduction.

Recommended Dosage

To fully avail of the benefits of the Burn Boost supplement, you have to take a spoonful and mix it in your water, coffee, or tea. Having it before breakfast, lunch, and after dinner will give you the desired results instantly. There will be noticeable changes as the level of energy will increase and hunger cravings will start to fade away. You’ll see incredible changes after a few months just by giving a few seconds every day to this supplement.

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Results And Longevity

The expected time for the results of this supplement is two to three months. The main key is being consistent and if you are consistent with this product, you’ll see better chances and it’ll stay longer for a couple of years followed by diet and exercise.

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Side Effects

From the many reviews gotten from patrons of the product, there have been no reported unwanted side effects. Burn boost is not only effective but also safe to consume as it contains no artificial additives or sweeteners.

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Burn Boost fat-burning formula contains 100% pure plant extracts and essential ingredients that are added in the right proportions. It is also GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. The supplement contains no artificial sweeteners, additives, fillers, or sugars. Also, the consumers haven’t reported any negatives about the formula yet. But, consuming an extra serving might cause minor downsides like stomach irritation.

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Customer reviews

“Lauren is 35 lbs lighter so far...!”
“I never used to leave the house, worried about not fitting into chairs or public transport. Now after trying Burn Boost I'm down 35 lbs! I feel and look amazing. My energy levels are through the roof and I regularly use the bus and try on slim clothes and shop in the mall stress free. Thank you so much!”
Lauren G. Wyoming, USA

“Zach has dropped 26 lbs...!”
“I was so embarrassed when my son grabbed my belly and asked, Daddy why is your tummy so squishy. I had to do something, and when I saw the Burn Boost video and verified the research I had to try it out. I'm down 26 lbs and it keeps melting off! My snoring has disappeared. I feel fitter and happier than I did in my 30s!”
Zach M. New York, USA

"Cassie dissolved 40 lbs in no time...!"
“Every since taking Burn Boost every day I am eating what I want - more than ever, but I'm still dropping weight! I'm down 4 dress sizes, about 40 lbs. Who would have thought it would be so easy? I feel so sexy, so pretty. I no longer worry about what my friends think of me or how my weight affects those around me. Thank you!”
Cassie T. Delaware, USA


Burn Boost is priced at $59 per tub (30 servings / 30 scoops per tub). You can exclusively buy Burn Boost through FatBurnBoost.com, where pricing breaks down like this:

1 Bottle: $59 + $9.95 Shipping
3 Bottles: $147 + $9.95 Shipping
6 Bottles: $234 + $9.95 Shipping


Bonus #1 – Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint
This eBook contains a number of diet tips and secrets that the manufacturer claims can double or even triple your results with Burn Boost. These tips and tricks are simple, yet effective changes you can make to your diet in order to truly see the weight loss results you desire. Best of all, this eBook spells it out in a simple, easy to understand manner so you know exactly what you have to do.

Bonus #2 – 2-Day Belly Fat Blaster
The 2-Day Belly Fat Blaster is designed to help you burn between 5-10 pounds as “fast as humanely possible.” Best of all, you’ll directly target your stomach fat without having to count calories, starve yourself, or skip meals. If you’re tired of working hard only to lose a few measly pounds, then this eBook is perfect for you.

Bonus #3 – Fat Burning Desserts Cookbook
If you’re one of the millions of adults who struggles with dessert cravings, then you’re in luck. The Fat Burning Desserts Cookbook is filled with healthy, yet tasty dessert recipes that will keep you on track to lose weight and satisfy your sweet tooth. It contains recipes for cookies, brownies, sticky buns, donuts, and much more. Now you can finally enjoy a sweet treat without ruining your diet.

Refund Policy

Each purchase of Gold Vida Burn Boost weight loss powder comes with an iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can try the product risk-free for 60-days and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the results you can contact the customer service team and request a full refund. No questions asked.

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About Creator

Gold Vida Burn Boost Supplement was founded by Matt Stirling, who has graduated in health and fitness from Fanshawe College in London. For almost a decade he owned a fitness and training studio in his hometown and helped the people living there by fitness training that would improve their level of confidence.

His unusual yet highly effective and efficient fat-burning practices became prevalent around the globe and since then he started coaching, consulting, and dealing with thousands of men and women who were stressed out due to weight loss. And when everything failed, his formula worked magically.

Mr. Stirling got many deals and opportunities to move to America and be a solution to the obesity pandemic going on there. But instead, he chose to stay at home with his family.

Over the years, his weights started piling on and he was ashamed due to his own body. He became fond of the human body and did groundbreaking research with months of trial and error. This is how he discovered this product and helped thousands of people.

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A: Burn Boost is a nutritional supplement that is has been developed to aid our body in the conversion of fat cells stored inside the body into energy. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients, all of which help to improve fat loss and increase caloric expenditure.

A: The majority of people experience an instant burst of energy after taking the formula. However, on average, you may expect to lose a couple of pounds after just 7 days of regularly taking the Burn Boost fat burner supplement. Keep in mind that results can vary from person to person because everyone’s metabolism is different.

A: Burn Boost is completely safe, therefore anybody over the age of 18 can take it without concerns about their health. Pregnant or nursing moms, as well as individuals with serious medical conditions, and those who are using prescription medications should avoid using this supplement without consulting with a healthcare professional first.

A: Burn Boost is made with powerful and all-natural ingredients making it completely safe to use. We found hundreds of positive customer reviews online testifying about its safety and effectiveness. No side effects have been reported as of the time of writing this Burn Boost review.

A: Yes, there is. The company gives a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on all of its products. If you are not 100% thrilled with your weight loss results, you are entitled to a full refund within the first 60 days following your purchase. Burn Boost additionally provides 3 free bonuses as well as hugely discounted prices if you decide to buy in bulk in order to help everyone in losing weight quickly without the need for strict diets or strenuous workout routines.

A: It is difficult to predict how long Burn Boost will remain on the market. Because all ingredients have been carefully chosen and tested for maximum efficiency, the manufacturer cannot guarantee an indefinite supply.

If you are looking to lose weight quickly, boost your immune system, or improve your brain function, we recommend that you immediately take advantage of the Burn Boost offer today!

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  • Burn Boost will play a significant role in fat burning and helps you to shed your excessive fat.
  • This supplement enhances your energy level and makes you feel fresh and relaxed.
  • It will also develop your cognitive health and support expanding your brain health.
  • This formula will also improve your body’s metabolism, enhancing your immune system.
  • The Burn Boost will also keep your body hydrated, supporting improving overall health.
  • The presence of the ingredients is natural and pure, which does not create any side effects.
  • It does not contain any additives, or it will not have any artificial sweeteners or any other toxic substance.

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  • Limited Stock
  • Only purchasable on the official website, and you will not at all be accessible to any other offline mode.
  • If you felt lazy to intake this formula in a prescribed way, sure will be delayed to experience the desired result.

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From my research and findings, the Burn Boost fat burning formula seems to be a legitimate solution for healthy weight loss. Many customers have already benefited from using the supplement consistently. As per the Burn Boost reviews from the consumers, this appears to be safe for use. It is also free of any kind of downsides.

Taking the supplement regularly will help in increasing energy levels and boosting cognitive abilities. It will also aid in curbing your appetite and making you feel fuller thereby leading to weight loss that is clearly mentioned in Burn Boost reviews. All the major ingredients in the formula are clinically validated for their standard and quality.

Burn Boost is also backed with a 60-day money-back policy. So, in case you are dissatisfied with the supplement, every penny spent will be returned within 60 days of purchasing it. So, Burn Boost seems to be worth trying as there is no risk involved.

Affiliate Disclosure: The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.

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